Patient Portal

Patient Portal Registration

Southern California Center for Pain Management utilizes electronic health record (EHR).

We highly encourage you to register for your online PATIENT PORTAL.  Registration only requires your email address and a request to the office staff to set you up.  It is very EASY.

The address is:

Once you have access to our ON-LINE PORTAL, some of the functions you can access include:

  • Online Appointment Requests
  • Online Messaging to the Office Staff/Dr. Lee (e.g. general questions, billing questions, complaints/compliments)
  • Update/complete your Patient Registration (Demographics/Insurance/address/phone, etc)
  • Update/Complete your Patient Records (e.g. diagnoses, allergies, medications, medical history, etc)
  • Check on your Future Appointments
  • Check your Doctor’s Bills and Statements
  • Complete or see other useful or time-saving tasks